WhatsApp became available on push-button phones

The WhatsApp developers have created a version of the messenger for push-button phones. This was announced today, September 11, 2018, by the messenger’s press service. However, for now, only residents of India can use WhatsApp on regular phones.

The application will be available on phones with the KaiOS operating system, which is a simplified version of Android, but designed for mobile devices without a touchscreen. Currently, phones running KaiOS are produced by JioPhone, Nokia, TCL and Micromax.

KaiOS was created several years ago by independent developers based on the proprietary Firefox OS project. And in June 2018, Google invested $ 22 million in the development of KaiOS, becoming almost the full owner of the new KaiOS operating system.

The WhatsApp messenger, released for push-button phones, allows you to exchange text and voice messages, send photos and videos, and make voice calls. At the same time, as the developers note, all functions are protected by end-to-end encryption.

You can download and install the new WhatsApp application from the dedicated app store for KaiOS devices.

For WhatsApp to work properly, a push-button telephone must have access to the Internet from an installed SIM card, the subscriber number of which will be used to register in the messenger.