We promote the site in social networks

The site, unlike the community and tungho7107, causes more distrust among users, since the additional transition and exit from the familiar interface requires a little more determination. However, it is possible to successfully manage the promotion of the site in social networks, despite this feature of the user’s consciousness.

How to promote a site in social networks: consider the three most popular ways.

1. Blog

Multiethnic People Connecting with Social Media

Duplicate blog posts with a short announcement and a link to the full article. This method of conducting is available to the media with really interesting materials, for which you want to go to external resources.

2. Advertising
Advertising in the communities of both the duplicate blog in the social network and the original site requires the participation of professionals in order to find the right audience and interest it. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a situation of money thrown to the wind: the effectiveness of advertising in social networks does not depend on the fact of placement, but on a variety of measured indicators.

3. Community
Website promotion in social networks in the format of a community of interest will allow readers to keep abreast of short interesting news and not be tied to external links. With a sufficiently formed loyalty, they will be happy to go to any site you invite them to.