Restrictions on WhatsApp message forwarding

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of millions of people today do not have the opportunity to meet in person with their family or friends, and now this is increasingly being replaced by WhatsApp communication.

At the same time, not only simple communication with friends or business correspondence with colleagues at work has increased in the messenger, WhatsApp developers note a surge in the spread of disinformation. The company believes that such cases should be slowed down or even minimized, especially when the country has such a difficult situation with coronavirus infection.

It is known that last year, WhatsApp developers began to mark frequently sent messages in the messenger with a double arrow symbol. This indicated that the user from whom you received this message is not its author. Thus, these messages are less personal than regular messages.

Now WhatsApp has decided to further restrict the forwarding of such messages. If the user wants to share such a message with other users, then he can forward it to no more than five chats at a time.

Moreover, if a message has passed through a chain of five or more chats, that is, it has been forwarded at least five times since it was sent by the original user, then such a message can only be sent to one chat at a time.

According to the developers of the messenger, this limitation will keep the personal and confidential nature of communication on WhatsApp. In addition, it will help slow the spread of rumors, viral messages and false information.