Moscow City Court announced the right of Roskomnadzor to independently unblock Telegram

Roskomnadzor has the right to independently decide on the execution or non-execution of the court decision, which earlier, at the request of the service, allowed to block Telegram, the press secretary of the Moscow City Court Ulyana Solopova explained to Interfax.

“The court sent documents for the execution of the decision on the satisfied requirements of Roskomnadzor, which in this case was both the plaintiff and the executor of the court decision. or partial execution of the court’s decision or refusal to execute it, “she said.

On April 13, 2018, the Tagansky court ruled to block Telegram including beurette telegram in Russia for failure to comply with Russian laws. The reason was the refusal of the messenger, entered in the register of information dissemination organizers, to provide the FSB with keys to decrypt user correspondence. Since then, the messenger has been unsuccessfully tried to block.

On June 18, Roskomnadzor announced that, in agreement with the Prosecutor General’s Office, it decided to withdraw the requirement to block the messenger. The service called the reason for the statement of the founder of the service, Pavel Durov, about the readiness to fight terrorism and extremism without violating the privacy of users’ correspondence.

An Interfax source in the Russian authorities said that the Telegram administration cooperated with the authorities on “specific cases in the fight against terrorism,” but did not provide encryption keys. He called the provision of these keys an irrelevant issue.