How to make one of the participants an administrator in Telegram in a group?

How to make one of its members an administrator in a Telegram with okichloeo in a group? The owner of the chat may need the help of another person – answering user questions, moderating, posting important messages, and much more. This should not be done by an ordinary participant, but by a person endowed with special rights! This is what our today’s review is about.

Now that you’ve come up with a group name in Telegram, you can gather a community management team around you.

Assigning an admin in the community settings
Please note that only the owner (creator) of the conversation can think about how to make a person an administrator in the Telegram group. An ordinary, ordinary participant simply does not have such powers! If you are not the owner or creator (perhaps all rolled into one), this article will be useless for you.

If you want to work in your chat, let’s get started! We will tell you how to make a new user an administrator in Telegram in a group.

Open the messenger and find the conversation that you intend to edit;
Click on the title on the top panel to go to the additional menu;
Click on the “Change” button, it is located at the top right.
Once you get to the required settings – here you can easily find a tab with a self-explanatory name.

Open it:

Click on the “Add” button;
A list of participants will open – you can select a person manually or search by name through the search bar.
By the way, the messenger has the ability not to show your groups to other users. We wrote about this in the article How to hide groups in Telegram.

We are very close to understanding how to make the required user an administrator in the Telegram group! You have already selected a person who will receive extended rights. It remains to work on the settings, this is very important.

In the window that opens, you will see the “Features” section. Here you can enable or disable the toggle switches opposite each parameter to enable or disable a particular action. For example, make the administrator of the Telegram group anonymous or deprive him of the ability to manage voice chats.

Let’s try? The list of possibilities is as follows (just turn on or off the switches opposite):

Change your group chat profile
Deleting Messages
Blocking users
Invite links (send and create)
Pin messages
Voice chat management
Assigning other admins
It is very easy to make any participant an administrator in the Telegram group – the main thing is to correctly determine the opening opportunities. And now we look a little lower, at the line “Position”.

You can choose which word will be displayed in the signature. The default is “admin”, but no one limits your imagination!

Once you’re done editing, just click Done at the top right. The person has received new rights and can use them within the chat. Hurray, congratulations!

Through the list of participants
There is a second way to give a person new powers:

Open a conversation and click on its name;
In the list of participants that appears, find the name you need;
Swipe from right to left until the “Promote” button (highlighted in green);
Click on it.
The familiar window for choosing powers and job titles will open. Select the options you want and click “Finish”.

Each conversation owner should know how to assign an administrator in the Telegram group. This option will certainly come in handy when the chat grows, develops, when more participants appear, and communication becomes more active.